Climate change in Covid times

Climate change doesn’t stop because of Covid. As much as we would like to believe that global warming will stop because the economy has come to a halt, that simply isn’t the case. We are still burning fossil fuels and we are still cutting down trees in massive droves. Even though the economy has come […]

What is climate change?

The are a lot of armour regarding to climate change. Many think it’s a hoax, others an inevitable part of life while other still believe it’s an ingenious marketing ploy for renewable energy companies. But what is it really? From a purely scientific view climate change is the resulting changes in the weather due to […]

Youths and Climate Change

My inspiration – an introduction to climate talk I stumbled upon climate change quite frankly by chance. However, Isoon realised just how bad the situation actually is. Social media at the time was just not doing it justice; there was way too much misinformation and vagueness and there was no way in which a young […]