Dear Member                 The ZimBorderGuide is a recently published guide to travelling, importing and exporting across Zimbabwean borders compiled by Mr N L Ndhovu. It gives advice on driving across the border, travelling with children and pets, how to spend the shortest time at the border and other valuable advice. To contact the author email […]

Dear Member                 The rain we are having is a two-edged sword in that it has caused the potholes to deepend and widen and increase and there are pools of water on the sides of the roads, so please drivers, have consideration and patience when motorists impinge on your lane to avoid these. Do not […]

Dear Member                 A vintage Air Rally in which 20 international teams will be participating are flying from Crete across Africa, starting on 12th November and stopping along the way in Bulawayo on 8th December. What an honour for us. The teams are coming from Canada, Germany, South Africa, USA, Israel, UK, Belgium, France, Botswana, […]