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A vintage Air Rally in which 20 international teams will be participating are flying from Crete across Africa, starting on 12th November and stopping along the way in Bulawayo on 8th December. What an honour for us. The teams are coming from Canada, Germany, South Africa, USA, Israel, UK, Belgium, France, Botswana, Russia and Switzerland and will be flying biplanes from the 1920s. The public is invited to watch the aircraft from the JMN Nkomo viewing platform, from 8.30a.m to 11 a.m. PUMA ENERGY is the fuel partner for the duration of the rally.

The pilots will no doubt be interested to learn about the Silver Queen, a Vickers Vimy aircraft which was attempting the first trans-Africa flight between the UK and South Africa in March 1920 . It landed in what is today Ascot race course. Unfortunately when the plane took off it was carrying too much fuel and crash landed, with no fatalities. In 1970 a small memorial was erected near the crash site at the corner of Winnies Way and Fairbridge Way as near as possible to the crash site to commemorate the country’s first aircraft to touch down in Bulawayo.

The Bulawayo Publicity Association would like to wish its members and all the Bulawayo people who have supported it with cash and kind over the years, it’s very grateful thanks. We cannot express the joy you have given us and confidence in continuing to promote this special city of ours. Thank you. Take each day as it comes, don’t fret about the morrow and may you have peace and happiness over the Christmas period.

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