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The ZimBorderGuide is a recently published guide to travelling, importing and exporting across Zimbabwean borders compiled by Mr N L Ndhovu. It gives advice on driving across the border, travelling with children and pets, how to spend the shortest time at the border and other valuable advice. To contact the author email By the way, the information has been obtained direct from source, i.e. ZIMRA, CID, ETC.

Dwala Insurance will be holding a Health and Fitness Fair on Saturday 3rd June at The Waterfront, Hillside Dams, which will feature health food stalls, fresh produce, refreshments, health services and testing. For more information and to book a stall phone Violette on 0772851609 or 2230708 or Dwala Insurance at 50a Livingstone Road, Suburbs. Satib Insurance Company also operates from this address.

The SPCA will be holding Scruffs Dog Show on Sunday 4th June at the ZITF horse arena starting at 9a.m. There will be full bar and catering, various craft stalls and police dog display. If you are going to enter your dog, please don’t forget to bring water and nibbles.

The Alliance Francaise in 61 Heyman Road, Suburbs shows a French film with English subtitles on the first Friday of every month starting at 6.30p.m. You can either bring your own refreshments or buy from the Alliance. It is said to be a very convivial evening. The Alliance also sells plain or chocolate croissants every Saturday morning for a $1 each. They are homemade and delicious.

Tag Safari Services are kept very busy with their range of safari outfits which                                                             are being exported to the States. The Bulawayo Publicity Association safari uniforms which have the Association’s name and logo embroidered on the blouses have been greatly admired.

Gee’s Fruit and Vegetable shop in 8th Avenue has closed, but Gees’s Take-Aways is still operating.       Piccola Roma, the Italian Restaurant at the Ascot Shopping Centre has closed.    

Canela Restaurant, opposite Fazak Hypermarket is open every evening from Wednesday to Saturday and on Sundays until 5p.m.

Bulawayo Holiday Inn has recently installed top of the range lifts (elevators) which are quick, noiseless and advise guests on which floor they are on when it opens.

Cresta Churchill Hotel has revamped their bedrooms and the floor to floor carpeting has been replaced with tiles and the rooms are looking stunning. The bathrooms are brand new and redesigned


The Legacy Group of Hotels based in South Africa, have taken over the running of the African Sun hotels, except for the three Holiday Inns which are in Bulawayo, Harare and Mutare.

We end with these thoughts “Do not yearn for what you haven’t got, but rather be happy with what you have got. Take each day as it comes and don’t have high expectations with regard to people or events and you won’t be disappointed with whatever happens”

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