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Bulawayo Publicity Association

Welcome to Bulawayo Publicity Association

The Bulawayo Publicity Association was established in 1932 to promote and publicise nationally, all aspects of the City of Bulawayo and surrounding districts in commerce and industry, tourism, sport, arts and culture.

It provides a personal information service to enquirers and a place of first contact for visitors to the City.

We welcome you on your ‘virtual’ visit through our website to the City of Bulawayo, and districts and hope that this website will provide you with the information that you seek.

We look forward to welcoming you on your future ‘physical’ visit to the ‘City of Kings’.

We are there to assist so please don’t hesitate to direct further enquiries of this site does not provide you with the information required.……SIYALAMUKELA!!!!

Bulawayo Publicity Association

Your information portal dedicated to bringing Bulawayo businesses closer

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