About The Bulawayo Publicity Association

The Bulawayo Publicity Association was established in 1932 to promote and publicise nationally all aspects of the City of Bulawayo and surrounding districts in commerce and industry, tourism, sport, the arts and culture.

It provides a personal information service to enquirers and a place of first contact for visitors to the second city of Zimbabwe.

About The Bulawayo Publicity Association

Objectives Of The Bulawayo Publicity Association

  1. To promote the interests of Bulawayo and the District.
  2. To publicise the tourist attractions of the area.
  3. To encourage industrial and commercial development in Bulawayo.
  4. To provide a first-class information service.
  5. To attract visitors and settlers, to encourage the establishment of new industries, and generally to advance the interests of the city and district of Bulawayo.
  6. To advertise Bulawayo and the district nationally, regionally, and internationally by means of booklets, folders, press advertisements, pictures, dvd’s, the internet, email and any other means that may appear desirable, and to carry out this work alone or in conjunction with the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority, municipalities, other publicity bodies, and the tourism industry.
  7. Run the Information Bureau for the benefit of visitors and others; cooperating with appropriate government departments and other organizations in disseminating useful information.
  8. To obtain subscriptions from members, grants from the government, municipalities, and other bodies, or to raise revenue by other means.
  9. Generally, to do all such other things as are incidental or conductive to the attainment of the association.

Please feel free to visit us at any time – we are always here to help. Whether you are a tourist looking for places of interest or places to stay, or a business looking for information about Bulawayo or any of its businesses or government department information – we are here to assist you as best we can.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you in any way we can.