Benefits of The Bulawayo Publicity Association

The membership benefits of the Bulawayo Publicity Association are many. We strive to help you in any way possible to take full advantage of what the City of Bulawayo and its districts offer in order to improve the city and its businesses.

Benefits of the Bulawayo Publicity Association

The work of the Association is to promote Bulawayo as an important tourist and investment destination, and this can only be done with the support of the Bulawayo community.

The more widely known Bulawayo becomes regionally and internationally, the more visitors it will attract, to the benefit of all those who live and work here. The benefits are far-reaching, like the ripples in a pond, from the tourist industry to commerce and industry.

The Work We Do To Enhance The Benefits of the Bulawayo Publicity Association

By being a member of the Bulawayo Publicity Association, you are part of an association that is dedicated to the promotion of the city, an association that lobbies at all levels of local government and national government for the city, and an association that is recognized as a legitimate voice for the city of Bulawayo.

This provides you, the members, with a more influential means of lobbying for change for the betterment of the City.

  • The Association offers a free listing of companies (with logos and pictures if possible) on its website: This can include links to your own website, and it is planned that the Bulawayo Publicity Association website will become the first point of contact and reference for the city.
  • Inclusion in monthly newsletters (which appear on Facebook and are sent to all members) of any new products or developments concerning your company.
  • The Association produces brochures on Bulawayo’s tourist attractions as well as lists of accommodation, restaurants, tour operators, art and craft outlets, etc. This information is put into packs to be handed out at travel shows, visiting sports teams, to VIPs, Embassies, and at conferences.
  • The Association attends the annual travel show in Harare to promote the city. In the past, when funds were available, it attended travel shows in South Africa and arranged its own local travel workshops. It is intended to be returned when funds permit. The Association has also represented a number of local investment meetings.
  • Its information is not limited to tourist matters but also receives queries, for example, on where to purchase certain goods, which authority to approach with regard to complaints, lists of estate agents, plumbing and electrical services, and so forth.
  • Representatives of the Association are invited to various functions at which they are able to make personal contact with heads of corporates, banks, and peers and thus obtain knowledge given and received for the mutual benefit of all.


  • Invite a group of marketing managers of South African hotel groups and airlines to visit Bulawayo to promote their properties/airlines to travel agents and their clients, as well as for the South Africans to be shown Bulawayo’s tourist attractions. This was done most successfully a few years ago.
  • Arrange historic and cultural educational tours for the hospitality industry front office staff and managers so that they will be able to give advice to visitors and answer queries.
  • To persuade SA Airlink and Fly Africa to make a stopover in Bulawayo en route to and from the Falls on their flights from Johannesburg.
  • To lobby Air Zimbabwe to re-introduce flights between Bulawayo and Victoria Falls and Hwange National Park.
  • To maintain pressure on the Government of Zimbabwe to upgrade the border crossings into the country so as to reduce congestion, corruption, and delays, and so enhance both the business and tourist environment.

Use The Benefits of the Bulawayo Publicity Association

Become a member, join the Bulawayo Publicity Association, and take advantage of the work the association does for the city.

All the promotional activities in which the Association is involved are very expensive, and it has to rely, in the main, on membership subscriptions to undertake this work.