Bulawayo Help Network

Bulawayo Help Network Trust (BHNT) has been operating in Bulawayo for 20 years.

Bulawayo Help Network

We support over 500 pensioners in retirement and private homes. We are a relational charity and know every one of our beneficiaries.

What We Do

We assess each person, and only when we are sure all other means of support have been exhausted, do we step in.

We are concerned about the well-being of people residing in retirement complexes and have been running regular creative therapy sessions in most of the old age homes. We also support the high density community with a feeding scheme and an orphan educational program.

Bulawayo Help Network Support Numbers

What You SupportAmount Required
Retirement Home Fees US$60
Private Home Living AssistanceUS$130
Food for Retirement HomesUS$150
Medical Aids, Medicines, Nurse Aids, BurialUS$140
Creative TherapyUS$60
Pelandaba Feeding SchemeUS$60
Pelandaba OrphansUS$25

How To Donate to Bulawayo Help Network

In order for our charity to be sustainable and become a community project, we have been encouraging business donors to commit to a monthly donation for which we are able to provide tax deductibility.

So far, 35 businesses, which you will see displayed below and also on our Facebook, are helping to make our aid sustainable for pensioners.

Donate to Bulawayo Help Network

Some Of Our Sponsors

Bulawayo Help Network Sponsors

We need more donors in order to maintain our current commitment to the pensioners we support. Our appeal is based on regular monthly donations, which ensures sustainably in our support for pensioners.

Your donation will directly support individuals in one of the retirement homes.

BHN will provide a receipt for your donation and coordinate with the retirement homes so that your donation becomes tax-deductible.

Naturally, a one-off donation is always welcomed. We are very aware of the hard times faced by businesses in the current economic environment.

Please dig deep and support our worthy cause.

Your donation will improve and even save lives.

Contact Bulawayo Help Network

If you would like to assist pensioners contact:

Mike Carter
Email: mikencarter@gmail.com
Tel: 0772 424 573

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