Healing With Horses Zimbabwe

Healing with Horses Zimbabwe is a not-for-profit, inclusive, horse-riding school that has 2 centres in Bulawayo and Harare.

Healing With Horses

We emphasise the term “inclusive” because our gates are open to every single person, regardless of race, gender, age, physical ability, and cognitive capacity.

Over and above being a commercial horse-riding school, we provide free riding lessons to children who are differently abled physically and mentally, including those with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

We seek to bring physical and emotional healing and strength to communities in Zimbabwe through Equine Assisted Services. Simply put, we provide therapy using horses.

Why Horses, And How?

Equine-assisted interventions assist riders physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The three-dimensional movement of the horse mimics the movement of a person when walking. This means that a child, although unable to walk, can sit on a horse, and the movement of the horse will exercise muscles the child has never used before, thereby developing these muscles and improving core strength.

This enables the child to carry out life skills to the best of their ability, and in turn, this boosts their confidence and increases their self-esteem.

Who We Work With

We provide therapy sessions for children from KGVI Rehabilitation Centre, Sandra Jones Centre, Mustard Seed Community, Kenechi’s Place, St Francis Children’s Home, and others.

We also work with youth suffering trauma from abuse, be it physical, sexual, or emotional, as well as children who have learning challenges, special needs, addiction, and behavioural issues.

Healing with Horses Zimbabwe provides a safe and conducive environment that promotes healing of the body and mind to 150 differently-abled children in and around Bulawayo through free, guided, weekly horseback riding and general interaction with horses.

About Healing With Horses

Jill Burgess and Aileen Johnstone, two passionate ladies, run the centre. With over 30 years each of experience, Jill and Aileen set out to demonstrate the remarkable impact that equine-assisted services can have on individuals who have different capabilities and abilities.

What sets Healing with Horses Zimbabwe apart is that it is the only PATH-certified riding school in Africa. PATH stands for Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International, and this certification ensures that the school meets the highest standards in equine-assisted activities and therapies. This recognition allows Healing with Horses Zimbabwe to provide top-quality services to all our riders and participants.

Another unique aspect of the school is the use of rescue horses. These horses have been given a second chance at life, and in return, they help individuals find healing and joy through horseback riding activities. The bond that forms between the participants and the rescue horses is truly special and contributes to the transformative experiences at Healing with Horses Zimbabwe.

This year, the centre is celebrating 10 years of empowering and transforming lives through the healing power of horses.


Sponsor A Child

A large part of our operation and continued provision of free riding lessons is supported by a variety of fundraising efforts and generous donors.

We need your help in helping us get to the next decade and beyond. There are numerous ways you can partner with us:

Sponsor a child.
It costs US$150 per month to ensure a child receives 4 free riding sessions. Any and all amounts are welcome, and further information will be available upon request.

A donation of protective gear, daily tools, etc. for our groomsmen and women!

Healing With Horses Contact Details

Email : healingwithhorseszimbabwe@gmail.com

Sizwakele : +263 772 937 628
Aileen : +263 773 472 225

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/healingwithhorseszim/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/healingwithhorseszim
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@healingwithhorseszim
Twitter : https://twitter.com/HealWHorsesZim

Where Is Healing With Horses

Lot 2 , Subdivision T

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